Commissioned by Video Jam Manchester and Art Vanguard to celebrate a 100 years since the debut of the Rite of Spring. Premiered at The Royal Northern College of Music, Nov 2013.

With the female figure central to the original Ballet and feminist ideals central to ourselves we decided to begin from here. Via images of Kate Bush, Ruth St Dennis and Miley Cyrus we came to two words as our starting point for this video: female and revolution.

Film by Hannah and Amy Buckley
Music (recorded live) by David Curington

Alastair Penman/ saxaphone
Emma Smith/ guitar
Diego Vassallo/ violin
Ruta Skudraite/ co-director of Art Vanguard/ piano
Otto Willberg/ double bass

Thanks to

 Leif Huron, Antoinette Chalumeau, Anne Buckley and Chris Owen