The Weather Is Very Mixed was a site-specific response to a call made by Accumulations, a collective of four artists/curators/academics for an event at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, England. Artists were encouraged to engage with a lineage of female artists, activists and family heritage, alongside the gallery's history of female artists and curators. I began with William Morris’ wallpaper designs. With this in mind I made images using flora found close to my home in New York.

I felt it important to include a direct connection to Manchester, my hometown, and the maternal thread that makes its way across the ocean in the form of blue airmail letters from my Nana. Since 2010 these letters have added a constant rhythm to my life away from my family and home. Their content is purely of the everyday but I anticipate these letters with excitement. Each one contains a note on the weather and it is through the descriptions of shortening nights or surprisingly sunny days that I am carried through the seasons.

The Weather Is Very Mixed consists of a zine, alongside a recording of all the weather ‘updates’ sent in letters between 2010 and 2016. The zine was originally situated in the Whitworth Museum by a large picturesque window overlooking the park. Opened in 1889 as the Whitworth Institute and Park, the museum was intended for “people of all social classes” - a gallery in a park that would counteract the malaises of inner city life. Visitors to this installation were encouraged to read the zines whilst listening to the weather ‘updates’ and looking out over the park.